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The Australian Natural Soap Company Face Care Sensitive Skin Cleanser Zinc Calamine 100g

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Developed especially for sensitive skin types, this antibacterial fusion of natural oils and Zinc will help soothe dry, irritated and flaky skin. You’ll feel good knowing Australian Mother Nature has gifted your soap some natural superpowers. Keeps cranky skin calm, flare-ups at bay and helps to clear the complexion. Fragrance free, yet somehow smells delicately divine.

Find your zing 

If you’re dealing with dry, dehydrated, or pesky irritated skin, this little unscented skin-saving superhero is your new skincare sidekick. 

Zinc is a magical ‘metal-come-mineral’ that helps combat and control skin conditions like rashes, redness, sun damage, and other skin irritations.

Zinc squeaky clean

If you’re concerned about rubbing metal on your already bothered and blemished skin, don’t be. Strange as it sounds, your skin will lap up a bit of natural mineralised healing. 

Our Sensitive Skin Cleanser is an unscented all-in-one, affordable skincare routine.  If you’re searching for something good to give your sensitive skin, it does the trick. This pure zinc beauty bar:

  • washes away dirt – thoroughly but gently

  • protects, soothes, and heals skin

  • helps relieve some of the most common frustrating skin conditions 

Zinc Skincare 

We all have yeasty germs in our pores. Your sensitive skin probably has more than its fair share. The result? Facial flakiness, redness and inflammation. 

A Sensitive Skin Cleanser helps keep the yeasty germ numbers under control. 

5 marvellously metallic reasons you’ll love our Sensitive Skin Cleanser

  • Smoother skin: Zinc slows down the growth of yeast, relieves irritations and rejuvenates your skin.

  • Happier skin: Zinc soothes and calms hard-to-handle sensitive skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

  • Clearer skin: Zinc won’t zap all your zits, but it puts up a pretty good fight. Its potent antibacterial properties help banish blackheads and spots and prevent them from returning.

  • Glowing skin: Zinc is super-gentle on your skin and unbelievably hydrating, giving you a natural healthy glow.

  • Softer skin: We’ve combined the ultimate cleanser with nourishing plant-based oils that leave your skin feeling soft, soothed, and moisturised.

Last word

This plucky little wonder-bar foams froths and fizzles to give you skin suppleness. Make it the cleansing, hydrating star of your daily skincare routine. Prepare to be bowled over by the results!

Sodium Olivate (Olive Oil), Sodium Castorate (Castor), Zinc Oxide.