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How to self tan like a pro

How to self tan like a pro

Whether you’re a novice self tanner or just petrified of revisiting a previous tanning disaster (we all have had one) then read on to find out how the pros do it.

There’s a reason why self tan is often called a holiday in a bottle and after all, a natural looking tan can have you looking 1 kilo lighter, 5 years younger and 50 yoga hours more toned.

Follow these insider tips, step by step, to get your natural looking glow on.


Never underestimate the power of prep work!! If you’re lazy and skip this step…. It’s at your own peril.

Exfoliate your whole body with a gentle purpose-built mitt. There’s no need to use expensive scrubs as you can get the most premium sustainable result naturally, with one of these over and over again.

You always want to make sure you remove any dry, rough patches of skin as they tend to attract and hold more colour than skin that’s even and smooth, which can result in a patchy result.

Once your skin is soft and silky, remove any unwanted hair and make sure you stay lotion and perfume free before you tan. 


You wouldn’t believe how far self tan has come in the way of innovation in the last 5 years.

You can now get a certified organic mousse that’s quick drying, smells like a spa treatment and leaves you looking like you’ve just arrived home from a week in Hawaii.

Always look for a formula with a guide colour, this is critical so you can see where the product is being applied. Without this, there’s every chance you’ll miss a spot and it’s almost impossible to reapply without a streaky looking finish.

If tanning mousse seems too scary there’s also a gradual tanning lotion to dip your toe in the water. This can also be used as a tan extender to keep skin hydrated and avoid skin looking patchy as the tan wears off.


Try as hard as possible not to use more product than you need. A little goes a long way!

Aim for 1-2 pumps of mousse for each arm, lower and upper leg, torso and chest. If you apply more than you need it can make for an uneven application and the end result will look really unnatural.

If you want a deeper tan, add another layer after the first has dried. Tip, the first time you use a product trial one layer first and see what it looks like once it’s developed. That way there are no nasty surprises.


This is a nonnegotiable for so many reasons. If you’ve ever wondered whether a tanning mitt is necessary, it is!!! The soft velvet surface of the mitt allows you to evenly distribute, blend and pat the mousse onto your skin. Without a mitt its far more likely you’ll end up with visible streaks, not to mention tan on the palm of your hands…yuk.

How to tan your hands

When self tanning you always want to avoid over-tanned hands, wrists and palms. Have you ever noticed that your skin is naturally lighter towards your wrist, and the palms of our hands don’t tan at all.

When tanning the inside of your arm always blend towards your wrist and be sure not to leave a line at the base of your hand.

Once your arms are done then use what’s left on the on the mitt to softly sweep over the top of your hand towards your fingers for a natural coverage.

Then last, but not least, take a damp cloth or face wipe and sweep in between fingers and over the top of knuckles to remove any excess product.  This is key in natural looking tan on the hands.

how to tan your feet

After hands, feet are the next biggest giveaway of a dodgy tan job. Be careful not to apply too much to ankles and notice where the skin would be naturally tanned.

Like hands, there’s no need to apply extra product to the mitt when tanning the top of your feet. Simply sweep the mitt gently over the surface and blend for a natural look.

Finally, take your damp cloth or face wipe and touch up the sides of the feet and in between toes.  



For a foolproof faux glow, make sure that you give your complexion a healthy glow too.

Face Tanning Mist is the hottest trend in beauty right now and there’s a reason for it. Not only does it give you that natural beachy look daily but it tones and hydrates at the same time.

You can spritz it directly onto your face or use a cotton pad for a flawless finish and bonus you will remove any excess make up, sunscreen or dirt post cleanse and tone all at the same time. Use it each night before you go to bed until you reach the desired colour. You’ll never look so healthy and well.

Hot Tip – Spritz Face Tanning Mist in hard-to-reach places like your back.

Tan Maintenance

Moisture is key to maintaining a natural looking, evenly fading tan. Always apply a deeply nourishing moisturiser morning and night to keep your skin well hydrated. It’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water too.

If you want to extend the life of your glow, Gradual Tan daily is a great option for a two in one boost of hydration and tan at the same time!

Now you know how the pros do it, you can give it a go yourself.

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