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Downunder Wash Co. Soap Dish & Stain Scrubber

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Use this amazing Soap Dish & Stain Scrubber to keep your soap dry or as an agitator to remove stains. Huon Pine wood is the natural choice for wet areas. This amazing tree only grows in wet, temperate rainforests of South West Tasmania. It is one of the most durable timbers in the world. They can grow to be 2,500 years old which means some of them started life BC.

Direction for Use

1 Wet the stained area and your Downunder Wash Co soap.

2 Rub gently to create a lather over the stained area.

3 Gently rub the ribbed side over the stain.

4 Rinse and repeat if required.

Viola, that's it!

Made from Reclaimed Huon Pine from Tasmania

Storage: Wash & dry your soap dish & stain scrubber to to keep it in great condition. Don't worry though as Huon Pine will not rot or go mouldy.

Caution: Oils from Huon Pine can be released due to prolonged exposure to water. To avoid staining from the oil, wash and dry regularly.