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What is MCT oil?

MCT Oil is derived from organic coconuts and provides a source of three types of medium chain triglycerides: caprilic, capric and lauric acid that can be used as an instant energy source or can be converted into ketones during ketosis to fuel your brain.

MCT  Oil Benefits

MCT Oil Benefits are that it contains C8, C10 and C12. Lauric Acid (C12) is a longer chain therefore it takes longer to breakdown and helps you 

  • Sustained Natural Energy
  • Sustained fuel for mind and body
  • Provides a longer lasting energy for exercise
  • Supports physical performance and fat burning
  • Supports digestion and a healthy gut
  • Ways to use MCT Oil 

    • Taken straight up
    • Mixed in with your morning coffee
    • Added to a smoothie
    • Try it as a salad dressing

    • Start with a teaspoon a day slowly increasing to 1 - 2 tablespoons daily is highly recommended 

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