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Green Nutritionals Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina

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Hawaiian Pacifica SPIRULINA is one of the World’s most recognised superfoods, containing more concentrated organic nutrition than any other known food. Three grams (6 tablets) has more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity than five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables.

What is it

Spirulina is a microscopic spiral shaped, blue-green vegetable algae. It has been used as a significant food source for centuries. Spirulina is highly digestible and the most nutritious, concentrated whole- food known to humankind. It is nature's richest whole-food source of complete protein. Rich in GLA, it also contains important B complexes including bio-available B12 and other essential organic, whole-food minerals and trace elements.

Typical Analysis

Hawaiian Pacifica SPIRULINA

Average Quantity Per 3g Per 100g
Energy 41.85Kj 1395Kj
Calories 10 333
Fat – Total <0.2g 5g
- Saturated    0.0g 0.0g
- Carbohydrate <1g <33.3g
- Sugars 0.0g 0.0g
Protein 2g 67g
Total Carotenoids 19mg 633mg
Beta-carotene    8mg 286mg
Phycocyanin 270mg       9g
Chlorophyll 19mg 633mg
Zeaxanthin    3mg 100mg
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) 2,000units 66,600units
AMINO ACIDS (essential)
Isoleucine 97.8mg 3,260mg
Leucine 146.7mg 4,890mg
Lysine 78.6mg 2,620mg
Methionine 39.9mg 1,330mg
Phenylalanine 78.3mg 2,610mg
Threonine 84.3mg 2,810mg
Tryptophan 25.5mg    850mg
Valine 112.2mg 3,740mg
Histidine 45mg 1,500mg
AMINO ACIDS (non-essential)
Alanine 139.8mg 4,660mg
Arginine 142.8mg 4,760mg
Aspartic Acid 218.4mg 7,280mg
Cysteine 16.8mg 560mg
Glutamic Acid 253.2mg 8,440mg
Glycine 95.7mg 3,190mg
Proline 74mg 2,470mg
Serine 79.5mg 2,650mg
Tyrosine 71.4mg 2,380mg
Vit A (100% as betacarotene) 4,525iu 150,800iu
Vit E (d-a-tocopherol) 285mcg 9.5mg
Vit B1 (thiamine) 3mcg 100mcg
Vit B2 (riboflavin) 179mcg 6mg
Vit B3 (niacin) 465mcg 15.5mg
Vit B6 (pyridoxine) 21mcg 700mcg
Vitamin B12 (Cobalomin)


Bioavailable / Human-active B12







Vit K1 and K2 50mcg 1.7mg
Biotin 1mcg 33mcg
Inositol 1.7mcg 57mcg
Pantothenic Acid 5mcg 166mcg
Calcium 10mg 333mg
Magnesium 15mg 500mg
Potassium 43mg 1.4g
Iron   5mg  166mg
Phosphorus 33mg 1.1g
Sodium 30mg 1g
Manganese 200mcg 6.7mg
Zinc 90mcg 3mg
Selenium 5mcg 166mcg
Molybdenum 12mcg 399mcg
Chromium 65mcg 2.1mg
Iodine 15mcg 500mcg
Copper 0.05mcg 1.6mcg
Boron 22mcg 733mcg
Omega 6 Family
Gamma Linolenic (GLA) 32mg 1.07g
Essential Linoleic 33mg 1.1g
Dihomogamma Linolenic 1.59mg 53mg
Monoenoic Family
Palmitoleic 5.9mg 197mg
Oleic 510mcg 17mg
Erucic 72mcg 2.4mg
Other Fatty Acids
Palmitic Acid 61mg 2g
Myristic Acid 400mcg 13mg
Stearic Acid 2.5mg 83mg
Arachidonic Acid 200mcg 6.7mg
Behenic Acid 144mcg 4.8mg
Lignoceric Acid 72mcg 2.4mg

Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina is also a rich source of enzymes, RNA, DNA, sulfolipids, glycogen and other potentially important nutrients.


Our recommendations for spirulina usage come from our 20 years of experience and the results of research. There are no hard and fast rules regarding spirulina usage, it's safe in small or large quantities, and each individual will have a different requirement and preference. Just use the information below as a guide and experiment!

Unlike synthetic vitamin supplements, spirulina is a whole food, and as such is not consumed in small one or two tablet serves.

We also recommend that if you are new to spirulina, and perhaps not used to a lot of greens in your diet, you try half serves for the first few days and perhaps have it after food rather than on an empty stomach. A good time to use spirulina is after breakfast, then again mid afternoon.

Most people report increased energy levels after their systems adjust. You may take your spirulina all at once or more than once a day. Some people like to take it an hour before eating to satisfy their appetite.

Those with difficulty sleeping may wish to take their spirulina in the morning, rather than the evening, since the high protein content tends to wake you up.


Cold-Pressed TABLETS for convenience

For convenience and a quick nutritional boost any time, our tablets can be carried in a purse, backpack or suitcase.