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Healthy Bod. Co Green Tea Face Mask Stick 40g

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Introducing the Ultimate Clay Face Mask Stick: Your Skin's Best Friend! 

Attention ladies! Are you tired of dull and tired-looking skin? What about getting your hands messy? 

Say hello to our revolutionary Face Mask Stick, a must-have beauty essential for the forward thinking woman like you!

Skin Type: Suitable for Norma/ Oily/ Sensitive Skin

Experience the Power of Nature 🍃

Infused with a blend of nourishing and natural ingredients, our Face Mask Stick is here to transform your skincare routine into a pampering and rejuvenating experience. Crafted with love, our key ingredients include Green Tea, Kaolin Clay, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Camelia Japonica Leaf Extract, and Mentha Arvensis Extract – all specially chosen to pamper your skin to perfection.

Unleash Your Skin's Radiance

Enjoy the ease and convenience of our Face Mask Stick, expertly designed to effectively soften dead skin and deeply cleanse your pores, revealing the true glow beneath. Watch as it effortlessly wipes away dirt and impurities, leaving your skin looking refreshed, softer, and brighter than ever before!

Oil Control and Skin Cleansing with Green Tea Face Mask Stick

Rehydrate and Replenish 

Your skin deserves the best, and that's why we've included Sodium Hyaluronate and Sunflower Seed Oil to ensure optimal moisture balance. This mask not only helps regulate skin oil secretion but also replenishes much-needed hydration, restoring your skin's natural radiance and leaving you with a dewy, youthful glow!

Embrace the Power of Green Tea and Kaolin Clay🌿

Face Mask Stick works wonders in restoring your skin's natural balance. Wave goodbye to oily patches and say hello to a revitalised, nourished complexion

Green Tea Clay Mask Stick Ritual for Cleansed and renewed skin

How to Use 

Step 1: Gently cleanse your face, leaving a hint of moisture on your skin. Step 2: Smoothly apply the Face Mask Stick evenly across your face, indulging your senses in the delightful scent. Step 3: Relax and let the magic happen for 10-15 minutes. Feel the mask gently work its wonders. Step 4: Rinse off the mask, revealing a refreshed and revitalised you! Step 5: For the ultimate pampering experience, follow up with your favourite serum and day or night cream, unlocking your skin's true potential.

Keep on your face for 15 minutes
Wash your face well

Treat Yourself to Luxury 

Pamper yourself with our Face Mask Stick 1-2 times a week and cherish the gift of youthful, glowing skin. Each stick offers generous usage, and you can customize it to your liking for prolonged indulgence.

Remedies for healthy facial skin

Important Warnings

Your skin's safety is our utmost priority. Before use, always perform a spot test on a small area of your body. Should any adverse reactions occur, discontinue use immediately. Our Face Mask Stick is for external use only.

Don't wait any longer! Unleash the radiant and refreshed you with our Face Mask Stick – your ultimate beauty companion. Elevate your skincare routine and achieve the glowing, beautiful skin you've always dreamed of. Order now and let the magic unfold! Take it wherever you go! 

Clay Face Masks vs. Traditional Cleansers/ Face Masks

Clay face masks have gained popularity in skincare routines due to their unique properties and benefits for the skin. Here are some reasons why clay face masks are preferred over other types of masks:

1. Absorption of excess oil: Clay has excellent oil-absorbing properties, making it particularly suitable for people with oily or combination skin. The mask can draw out excess sebum and impurities from the pores, leaving the skin looking and feeling cleaner.

2. Deep cleansing: Clay masks can penetrate deep into the pores, effectively removing dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities that may not be thoroughly cleansed by regular facial cleansers. This can help prevent clogged pores and reduce the occurrence of blackheads and whiteheads.

3. Exfoliation: Many clay masks have a slightly grainy texture, which provides gentle exfoliation as you rinse the mask off. This can help slough off dead skin cells, promoting a smoother and brighter complexion.

4. Skin tightening and toning: When clay masks dry on the skin, they can create a tightening effect. This can temporarily improve the appearance of enlarged pores and give the skin a more toned look.

5. Soothing properties: Clay masks can have soothing properties that can help calm irritated or inflamed skin.

6. Natural ingredients: Clay masks are often made from natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals, making them suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin.