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Natural Evolution Vegan Protein Multi-Fibre Chocolate 400g

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Natural Evolution Chocolate Protein Multi-Fibre is a gluten-free, vegan friendly, paleo and 100% plant-based nutritional supplement that's packed with fibre, prebiotics and protein. It is made using the highest quality ingredients, combining organic sprouted brown rice protein with multi-fibre green banana resistant starch. Natural cacao is blended in to give this formulation a delicious chocolate taste. 

Nutrient dense, this all-natural formulation is high in essential minerals that help support your immune system and rich in prebiotic fibre to help improve gut health. It also promotes healthy digestion and helps to keep you regular.

Vegan Protein Multi-Fibre is completely free from gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, egg, nuts, gums, guars, thickeners or preservatives. 


Green Banana Resistant Starch, Organic Sprouted Rice Protein, Cacao.