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FREE Loving Earth Gingerbread Spiced Caramel Chocolate (80g) on orders OVER $29!*🌟

(CLEARANCE!) Organic Merchant Energy Tea

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Our Energy Tea is an award-winning tisane combining uplifting citrus notes and restorative earthy elements, with hints of sweet liquorice and revitalising ginger spice.

Enjoy as a daily tonic.


Naturally caffeine free.



The revered Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese botanicals in our Energy tea have traditional benefits and plant compounds which are adaptogenic and tonifying which may naturally reduce fatigue, vitalize energy, enhance endurance, improve cognition, fortify immunity and resilience. This is our best tea for energy and health.



Yes. As this is a caffeinefree blend that is chemical free, there are no contraindications for pregnant women. In general this tea is a suitable coffee alternative to drink during pregnancy.

Please consult with your health care practitioner for individual concerns.



Our energy tea supports endured energy levels and enlivens the senses.

This wonderfully uplifting energy tea blend has revitalising benefits. The herbs found in it are traditionally used to support adrenals and regulate blood sugar levels whereas the liquorice and the siberian ginseng support your energy levels. The gotu kola is known to aid with meditation and rejuvenation.


Gotu kola also has skin health benefits and promotes general well being as well as a relaxed mind.

Ginseng is often prescribed by naturopaths and herbalists to treat stress-related fatigue. Traditionally it has a wide application in China as a revitalising and immune boosting herb for the elderly.

The ginger found in our blend stimulates the circulatory system. It is an effective natural remedy that helps stimulate the mind.

Liquorice is great for if you are suffering from low energy levels, as it can assist in restoring adrenal glands. Furthermore it is a great mood booster that helps you stabilise your blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon may naturally help lower your blood sugar; it has antioxidants and is great for your skin, just like the liquorice root.

Furthermore, our energy tea aids in soothing digestion thanks to the liquorice, lemongrass and cinnamon.


The adrenal herbs found in this blend support balancing the body and mind. We recommend this herbal infusion in times of stress, to help you glide through busy days.


  • Use 1-2 tsp per cup with boiling water
  • Let the herbs infuse for 5-7 minutes
  • Strain and keep the steeped herbs for your compost
  • Enjoy


Store out of direct sunlight below 30°C.
Not intended to diagnose in any way. For treatment consult a healthcare professional.

After enjoying your tea, please help us protect the planet and compost your steeped herbs.