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Flash Sale~Enjoy 50% Off Ethique's Sustainable, Effective Products Today! 🧼
Flash Sale~Enjoy 50% Off Ethique's Sustainable, Effective Products Today! 🧼

Planut Almond Milk Base 256g

by Planut
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The most popular of all our milk bases, Almond Milk Base takes centre stage balancing a light nutty taste against a creamy backdrop that almost moos. Versatile and familiar, Almond Milk is our purest Planut product, containing just one simple ingredient, you guessed it, almonds.

Why choose Planut Milk bases:

Shelf stability - Our Planut Milk Bases are shelf stable for 18 months when kept in a cool dry cupboard. So, they’re ready when you are. Once blended, milk stays fresh in the fridge in an airtight container for 5 - 7 days.

Waste less, save more - At 6% concentration, you pay only $3.12 per litre of plant milk. Because we are 100% plants, you’re putting healthier milk in your glass and more money in your pocket. Plus, you can make plant milk when you’re ready to drink it, so you’re not throwing away cartons of spoiled milk.

Convenience - Make as much or as little you need. Our pouches last 18 months on the shelf with refrigeration only needed after you make Planut Milk.

How to Use:

Fresh Plant milk in 30 seconds or Less

Step One: Add Water

Add water to your blender. It's important to add the water first. This ensures the base doesn't get stuck to the bottom of the blender.

Start with 2 cups of water. This will help you get the hang of things before making a full litre.

Step Two: Add Planut Base

Before adding in the base, knead the pouch. Our pouches are designed to withstand intense kneading so no need to be gentle. Give it a good knead to work the natural oils that may have settled to the top back into the plant base. Because we are a 100% natural product, oil separation is only natural.

Now you're ready to squeeze the base into the blender. There's no need to use a measuring spoon. Just eye it. Generally, 5 centimetres equals 1 tbsp.

Step Three: Blend Fresh and Enjoy!

Blend on high for about 15 seconds. Because we mill finely, there's no need to blend excessively.

Now the fun part, take a sip to see if you've reached your desired creaminess. You can always add a little more base and blend again if you want a higher concentration.

1 Pouch makes 4 Litres of Plant Milk.


100% Almonds.

May contain Peanuts and other tree nuts.