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Wotnot Body Exfoliating Mitt

by Wotnot
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Achieving a gorgeous glow doesn’t just depend on finding the right lotion: prepping your skin is an essential first step in order to achieve professional results every time!

We believe the best body exfoliating mitt should be gentle yet effective, gently buffing the skin to ensure a smooth finish that makes tanning application a breeze.

Why should you exfoliate before you apply tanning lotion?

Dry, rough patches of skin tend to attract and hold more colour than skin which is even and smooth.

Wotnot body exfoliating mitt is a gentle and effective glove that removes toxins and dead skin cells naturally, leaving luxuriously soft skin perfectly primed for a flawless streak-free tan.

For best results, we recommend following with Wotnot’s certified organic gradual tanning lotion or certified organic self tan mousse.


✔︎ Gently removes dry, rough skin which can lead to patchy results

✔︎ Removes toxins and dead skin cells

✔︎ Leaves skin polished and primed for perfect tanning

✔︎ Can be used as a tan eraser to remove existing of faded tan

✔︎ Revitalises your skin and brings out your natural glow


Preparing for a flawless tan application is easy! We recommend prepping your skin 24 hours before you wish to tan and for best results use as part of a two-step process:

Step 1: Take a warm bath or shower and firstly shave the areas you wish to tan. Once your skin is smooth, take your Wotnot body exfoliating mitt, rinse in clean water, then apply your favourite body wash to it. Gently massage your skin in slow, circular strokes, focusing on areas where the skin is the thickest, like the ankles, knees, and elbows. 

Take care not to apply too much pressure or exfoliate too vigorously - the key is consistent strokes using gentle pressure to cleanse and detoxify the skin without irritating it and drying it out.

Step 2: When skin is clean and dry, insert hand into Wotnot tan application mitt. Apply.

Wotnot certified organic tanning mousse or lotion to mitt and gently glide over skin in a circular motion.

Please refer to our full application instructions in our certified organic gradual tan lotion and certified organic self tan mousse.

Wotnot’s body exfoliating mitt is intended to be used again and again, so between uses, all you need to do is wash the mitt in warm water with a mild soap and let it dry thoroughly before storing it away for next time.