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Organic Tea—What It Is and the Benefits It Has to Offer

Did you know that your conventional tea never actually undergoes any type of washing? This means that the only time they are "washed" is in your cup! Of course, the purpose of this is to allow the leaf to retain as much of its flavour as possible, but here's the catch: a lot of conventional tea leaves are grown with the help of pesticides and herbicides. This means that in your cup, you might just be drinking poison!

But of course, this doesn't mean you'd be stuck drinking harmful tea for the rest of your life. Organic tea is here to change all of that, and if this is your first time hearing about that, let's talk about what organic tea is.

What Is Organic Tea?

Well, organic tea, for starters, is a tea that doesn't contain chemical pesticides or herbicides. This means that you'd be able to drink a whole pot of organic tea, and you won't come down with any illness or ailment.

More than just that, organic tea also means that your conventional tea leaves have undergone the "natural" process of washing, which includes a lot more than just dropping the leaves into water and draining out the excess water. Organic tea is brewed using water that is heated using steam, and then the leaves are left to undergo a natural withering process, which means that the leaves are exposed to air in order to dissipate the moisture in them.

Tea leaves that undergo this process can even retain up to 15 times more antioxidants and nutrients compared to conventional tea leaves!

The Benefits Of Organic Tea

By now, it's safe to say that you've had enough reasons to drink organic tea. But wait, there's more! Organic tea is not just beneficial for the environment and for people who don't want to succumb to chemical pesticides. It's also very beneficial for the human body.

For starters, coffee and other caffeinated drinks aren't exactly good for your heart. So if you're trying to protect your heart and keep yourself healthy, a cup or two of organic tea could help you out. Yes, it might not be as good as a cup of coffee taste-wise or energy-wise, but at least it's better than being addicted to caffeine.

That aside, organic tea also contains antioxidants and nutrients, which means that in addition to keeping your body strong and your heart safe, it's also a very good source of nutrients. So next time you're set on drinking some tea, don't just rely on your cup. Instead, choose organic tea and enjoy the delicious, healthy and natural taste of tea!


So, if you're a tea lover and want to make the most out of each sip you get out of your favourite tea, do yourself a favour and grab some organic tea! Sure, they might be a little pricier than conventional tea, but that's because growers put more love and effort into growing stunning leaves that bring you the tea-drinking experience that you deserve! So what are you waiting for? Grab some organic tea today.

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