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Answering 6 Common Questions about Artisan-Made Products

Consumer goods are vital for our way of life, mainly because they are the things we use in our everyday lives. Consumer goods are a necessary part of our lives, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. However, not all consumer goods are created equal, and some are made with better attention to detail. A perfect example of this is artisanal products. 

An artisanal product is a product that is made by hand, using traditional methods and materials. Artisanal products are usually made in small batches and are often considered higher quality than mass-produced goods. For this reason, artisanal products are considered more expensive but are also seen as more valuable. However, few people don't know more about them aside from that, so we'll answer some of the most common questions about artisanal products.

#1 - What Does “Artisan” Mean?

'Artisan' is a French word from the 16th century, meaning a worker in a skilled trade. However, it applies more to traditional methods without using machinery. Artisans are often considered master artisans, and their work is usually of high quality. Artisans often deeply understand their craft and can create beautiful and intricate products. 

#2 - What Is the Difference Between an Artisan and a Craftsman?

The difference between an artisan and a craftsman is that an artisan is skilled in a particular trade or craft, while a craftsman makes things by hand. Both artisans and craftsmen are highly skilled and have many years of experience in their field.

However, there are instances when both terms are used interchangeably. For example, if you are talking about someone who makes furniture by hand, you could call them either an artisan or a craftsman. Conversely, the same also applies if you are talking about someone skilled in the art of making pottery. In this case, you could use either term.

#3 - What Products Can Be Artisan-Made?

There are a wide variety of products that can be artisan-made. These include furniture, pottery, jewellery, clothing, and even food. However, “artisan” is most often used for food and drink. Artisan food and beverages are usually made in small batches using traditional methods. This means that each product is unique and has its flavour and character. 

Some popular artisan food and drink products include cheese, bread, wine, and chocolate. However, many other products, including beer, coffee, and honey, can be artisan-made.

#4 - How Do You Tell If a Product Is Artisan?

There is no formal definition of an artisan product, so it can be difficult to know whether or not a product is genuinely artisan-made. However, some general characteristics are often used to identify artisan products. These include: 

  • The product is usually made by hand, using traditional methods.
  • The product is generally made in small batches.
  • The product is generally made using high-quality, natural ingredients.
  • A skilled person makes the product.
  • The product usually has a unique character and flavour.
  • The product is usually more expensive than mass-produced alternatives.

#5 - Are There Benefits When You Buy Artisan Products?

When you buy artisan products, you can reap the following benefits: 

  • You can support local farmers, artisans and manufacturers.
  • You can reduce your carbon footprint, as artisan goods don’t need to be flown in from other countries.
  • You're likely to get a product that is of a higher quality than mass-produced alternatives.
  • You're likely to get a more unique product than mass-produced alternatives.
  • You can assist in the preservation of traditional methods and recipes.

#6 - What Are the Disadvantages of Buying Artisan Products?

When you buy artisan products, you may encounter the following disadvantages: 

  • The product may be more expensive than mass-produced alternatives.
  • The product may not be available in large quantities.
  • The product may be more difficult to find than mass-produced alternatives.


Artisan products are valuable since they're not only works of art but also reflect the artist's culture and community. They are often more expensive than mass-produced products, but the quality is usually higher. Artisan products can be challenging to find, but they are worth seeking. What matters most is finding a product that you love and that fits your needs.

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