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Ways to help your get a Good Night's Sleep

Ways to help your get a Good Night's Sleep

Up to 45% of Australian adults don’t get enough sleep due to a number of lifestyle and environmental factors including stress, increased pressures and work patterns. This is leading to a sharp rise in demand for natural sleep solutions.
With all of these 'sleeping don'ts,' it can be tricky to know where to begin as you move towards a healthier bedtime routine, so we've listed a few things for you to try:
1. Engage in regular exercise - exercise has been linked to helping stabilize your mood and decompressing the mind, resulting in an easier evening wind down. Just be sure to train at least 2-3 hours before bedtime so that your endorphin peak doesn't keep you awake!

2. Hydrate and feel great - As a diuretic, alcohol dehydrates the body causing an increase in the chances of snoring and hoarseness as your throat and nasal passage dry out. Try and maintain a healthy level of hydration during the day for fewer interruptions at night. 8 glasses of water is usually optimal.

3. Keep your room cool - A cool sleeping environment helps regulate your body's internal temperature, encouraging a level, restful sleep.

4. Set regular wake and bedtimes - Start with a simple bedtime routine to help promote your body's natural sleeping pattern and body clock. Over time you should feel your body naturally dozing off around your bedtime and wake around the same time as your regular alarm.

If you're finding that restlessness or getting to sleep is an ongoing issue consider natural sleep aids such as 
Using ultrasonic technology, The Goodnight Co. Ceramic Diffuser is a safer way to bring the benefits of aromatherapy into the home. With a stylish appearance, the diffuser can be paired with The Goodnight Co. range of essential oils including Calm and Goodnight as a complete natural sleep solution. Available in White, Black and Stone Grey.
Sleep Tea by Your Tea draws on Chinese herbal wisdom and contains a blend of rose, hgan cao (liquorice), bulbus liluu and Chinese red date, hong zao and wu wei zi (schisandra berry). With a sweet and smooth taste, each box contains a one-week supply of tea bags. 
Amazing Oils Magnesium Pro Sleep Lotion is a fast-acting targeted way to treat sleep-related issues and ailments. The effective combination of relaxing ingredients works synergistically to relieve sleeplessness in one single, affordable lotion that is easy to use. 
Popping your innocent looking wheatbag on these muscles means that the heat gets in, encouraging the blood vessels to open, blood flow to increase and then toxins are flushed out and nutrients like oxygen get in. Wheat Bags Love Wheatbag in Lavender works best on the nervous system to help calm us down, to de-stress and it’s also really great for helping you get to sleep at night.
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