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What's the best Protein Bar for you?

Our list is based on what's your preference's, as some like it sweet or others prefer protein bars made with real ingredients. Just real food that tastes good and is good for you. 

Protein bars are a popular snack food designed to be a convenient source of nutrition.

RX Bars are AWESOME and a good source for clean, sustainable energy as they are made with a few simple ingredients that are perfect for breakfast on the go, as protein-packed snack bars, or as a pre/post-workout fuel. 

Overall, RX bars do seem to live up to the hype. They're made using real, recognizable ingredients that we know have proven health benefits. Their high-fiber and high-protein content ensures they can help curb appetite and prevent major spikes in blood sugar.
Part of why RXBARs are so appealing to consumers is their apparent transparency—each bar lists the main ingredients on the front of the wrapper along with the claim it contains "No B.S.":
Australian Brand 
Slim Secrets is an insightful, fun, open and compelling brand that knows how to help consumers handle their cravings as they contain protein and fibre to help keep you fuller for longer and manage your cravings without feeling guilty. Best of all they taste delicious and have less than 150 calories. 
Slim Secrets are Gluten free, Keto friendly, Low carb, naturally sweetened with stevia and also are proudly Made in Australia. They do come in great flavours such as Double Choc and  Salted Caramel Banana.
Vegan Option
Loaded with so much good stuff, we highly recommend Botanika Blends protein bars that you will always love throwing a few of these quick, protein packed and low sugar bars into your bag for when you are on the go. As always, these vegan protein bars are filled with plant-based goodness, as you've never seen before!
These Botanika Blends protein bars are date free and rice malt free that means that it does not contain so much sugar. It also contains no dairy, collagen or egg but it doesn't mean that it lacks  good stuff as it is still low carb, gluten free and packing 10grams per 40g (25% protein).
The Botanika Blends protein bars are perfect 40G snack size, convenient and affordable plus all natural no artificial flavours, colours or sweetener.

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