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Keto 101: Why Do Most Ketogenic Dieters Fail? (Part 1)

Weight loss, blood sugar stability, and greater energy are all promises of the ketogenic (keto) diet. Thus, it comes as no surprise why many people are interested to try it out. 

However, the diet means cutting down certain fruits and vegetables, as well as sweets and carbohydrates. Because of this, many people also fail to stick to the diet.

Here are some of the reasons why people abandon the ketogenic diet and what they can do about it.

They Are Unprepared

The keto diet is not like any other diet. Starting this eating approach without methods, plans, and ideas can be detrimental.

Perhaps the matter is more complicated than simply avoiding bread and pasta. Carbohydrate planning and tracking are required. It necessitates more effort and labour than other diets, which might be frightening.

Thus, prepare. Meal planning is vital for ketosis due to the particular nature of macronutrients.

They Consume Excessive Protein

All keto-approved foods, such as steak, burgers, bacon, pork tenderloin, and sausage, should be consumed in moderation.

Contrary to popular misconception, the ketogenic diet is not high in protein. Protein should include 15 to 30% of total daily calories. Ketone production will be discontinued.

Excess protein hinders ketosis; thus, persons who focus disproportionately on protein may fail to attain ketosis. Keto is largely made up of fat, with some protein and very few carbohydrates.

Keep track of your protein, carbohydrate, fat, and other macronutrient intakes. Plan meals and snacks that are heavy in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates.

They Consume Too Many Calories

You may lose weight quickly at the start of a ketogenic diet. This boosts morale and promotes advancement. The scale may stop moving if you are not in ketosis and overeat.

Some people may experience a weight reduction plateau or a minor rebound "This is an important period for carbohydrate and calorie consumption.

Overeating contributes to weight growth. Even on a keto diet, this is true. Many people believe that switching to a ketogenic diet will result in fat loss. Overeating will keep this from happening.

Keto newcomers who go through this stage may discontinue the diet, believing it is useless. Please be patient. Keep track of your food consumption and portions. We usually overestimate the amount of our portions.

They Don’t Consume Enough Calories

At the same time, eating too little might also be bad for your waistline.

A lack of calories can be dangerous. The ketogenic diet reduces blood sugar levels and eliminates food cravings. Many people report that they no longer feel hungry after starting a ketogenic diet.

Intermittent fasting is popular among keto dieters. This prolonged fast may boost fat oxidation.

They may be able to consume less because of their increased stamina and determination. They are not hungry and do not remember to eat.

Determine your daily calorie needs and plan your meals and snacks accordingly.

They Have Too Much “Junk” Keto

Companies are reacting to the growing demand for keto-friendly foods and sugar replacements. This may lead to keto dieters' failure.

Keto diet recipes include erythritol-sweetened "fat bombs" and bacon-wrapped snacks. Multiple "fat coffees" and similar snacks can quickly exceed the daily energy allowance. Whole meals, not keto-friendly junk food, should be part of the ketogenic diet.

They are Deficient in Fat Servings

The ketogenic diet uses fat as fuel rather than carbs, which the body prefers. If you fail to meet your goal for numerous days or weeks, you may not see the results you desire.

This can be difficult at first because it differs from how most people eat. Consume two servings of fat with each meal and snack to get enough calories.


The now-famous keto diet may be complicated to understand and difficult to apply to yourself, but we promise that it is worth the sacrifices. After all, this is not just about losing weight. The thing with this diet is that it becomes a lifestyle you must maintain for optimal health. 

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