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No-Tella Thickshake Recipe

No-Tella Thickshake Recipe

This is the most decadent creamy choccy thickshake EVER!! Seriously what's not to love!

½ Ripe banana ⁠
½ Tsp Almond butter⁠
1 Tsp Macca
20g Chocolate Hazelnut Premium Almond Protein ⁠
200ml Cold water or mylk⁠
100g Ice⁠
1 Squeeze of caramel sweet drops⁠
½ Tsp Xanthum gum- optional for extra thickness⁠


  1. Melt a square of chocolate to decorate the glass (or use a choc sauce)⁠
  2. Blitz thick-shake ingredients until smooth & creamy. You can use fresh or frozen banana, frozen will make it thicker. Adjust the ice if needed and can add a tsp of cocoa for double choc vibes. ⁠


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