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Swissmar Swiss Fire Gel 88ml Set of 3

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Keep the chocolate and cheese warm and melted for your fondue party using the Swissmar Swiss Fire Gel. The long burning power of the fuel paste will definitely come in handy when lighting your grill for a weekend of delicious barbecue. No matter how small or big your party is, the Swissmar Swiss Fire Gel is a definite must for your food and entertainment plans.

Key Features:

  • Contains three fire gel pods per pack
  • Suitable for paste burners in rechauds and fondue pots
  • Burns longer compared to regular alcohol fuel
  • Ideal for lighting open fires and charcoal-fuelled barbecues
  • Gel pods are safe to carry and easy to use


Ingredient About 80% ethanol, 15% water, 1% ethyl methyl ketone, 1% propan-2-ol, and1% denatonium benzoate
Dimensions 27cm x 10cm x 3cm
Weight 80g per pod
Made in Czech Republic

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