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Protein Powders

Proteins can be derived from many sources. They are not exclusive to animal-based sources. Popular plant-based sources include legumes, grains, vegetables and soy, they all contain protein. These plant-based proteins offer many unique health benefits.

When it comes to vegan plant protein powders, the most common sources include brown rice, soy, hemp and pea protein. The majority of carbohydrates, including sugar and starches, are removed so the result is powder high in protein. Just like whey protein, this can then be easily mixed with water or plant-based milk or added to oats, yoghurt and baking as you wish.

Adding a high-quality plant-based protein powder to your diet will keep you satiated and fuller for longer. It’s a simple way to ensure you’re hitting your protein targets and macronutrients each day. If you’re not completely satisfied with your current whey-based protein powder, try making the switch to a plant-based protein and see how your body feels.

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