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Aqualyte hydration drink 10 x 25g sachets Mixed flavours

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Aqualyte is designed to meet a wide range of hydration needs, catering to various scenarios from light exercise to outdoor activities. Developed after extensive research in the Australian mining sector, our formulation takes into account factors like sweat composition, sweating frequency, and temperature regulation to optimize both wellbeing and performance.

What sets Aqualyte apart as the preferred hydration solution for both professional athletes and recreational enthusiasts?

  1. Low Sugar Content: Aqualyte's minimal sugar content makes it ideal for sustained use, providing a healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks.
  2. Performance Maintenance: Even mild dehydration, as low as 1-2%, can diminish both physical and mental performance by up to 6-7%. Aqualyte helps prevent this, ensuring optimal performance during training, recovery, and competition.
  3. Rapid Absorption: Aqualyte is swiftly absorbed by the body, preventing the discomfort of fullness or bloating often experienced with other drinks during exercise or competition. This quick absorption allows you to hydrate effectively without any impediments.
  4. Gentler on the Stomach: With a lower acidity compared to other sports drinks, Aqualyte is easier on the stomach and less damaging to teeth, providing a more comfortable hydration experience.
  5. Cost-Effective and Convenient: Aqualyte offers a cost-effective and convenient solution compared to bottled drinks. Simply carry a few sachets in your bag and mix them with water whenever needed.

Industrial Hydration & Electrolytes for Work:

Sweating is the body's primary mechanism for heat dissipation, crucial for maintaining optimal body temperature. Failure to replenish lost fluids through sweat can lead to dehydration, hindering the body's ability to regulate temperature effectively.

On average, workers can lose around 600ml of fluid per hour through sweating. For those working extended shifts lasting 10-12 hours, this could necessitate replacing 6-7 liters of fluid per day. Aqualyte's palatability and ease of consumption make it more feasible for workers to meet these hydration requirements.

As a hypotonic solution, Aqualyte is rapidly absorbed by the body, reducing the sensation of fullness or bloating in the gut. This facilitates greater fluid intake, helping workers replace lost fluids more effectively during demanding work shifts.