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Best of the Bone Healing Multi-Collagen Protein Powder Adaptogen-Stress Blend (Organic Healing Mushrooms: Lion's Mane Reishi Shiitake) 210g

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Multi-Collagen hydrolysed powder with Organic Mushrooms.

Our cognitive, nootropic Multi-Collagen blend with organic lion’s mane, reishi, shiitake combined with a pure, multi-collagen protein that provides 98%+ pure protein in the form of seven collagen types.  The medicinal mushrooms are considered one of the most beneficial “nootropic” foods for cognitive (and immune) health.  These organic mushrooms are also an ideal adaptogen - adaptogens support our ability to deal with stress both physiologically and mentally and thus supporting immune health as well.  In short,  a collagen peptide blend that increases mental alertness and function.  All of these mushroom types have shown to improve immune function and been used beneficially for medicinal treatments from cognitive degradation to cancer and their earthy flavour provides a unique combination with the collagen as a great functional additive to tea, coffee, soups and sauces.

Best of the Bone Collagens provides seven types of collagen and all essential and non-essential amino acids.   Collagen is the building block protein of tissue, including our vascular and digestive tissue, skin, hair, nails, and critical for joint health.  Collagen is also the foundation for nearly 80% of our bone matrix.  Our ability to produce collagen naturally is effected by age and diet.  We naturally begin producing less starting in our mid-20s.  Collagen is a key nutrient protein for expectant mothers, new mothers, athletes, and as we go through the aging process.  Several recent studies have shown a multi-collagen peptide can have a statistically significant improvement in skin elasticity (meaning fewer noticeable wrinkles) within two weeks.  Great for gut wellness, skin care and immune support.

No carbs.  The highest quality grass fed protein.

Ingredients: Multi-collagen bovine bone and hide hydrolysed peptide powder; organic lion's mane; organic reishi mushroom powder; organic shiitake powder.  No fillers, preservatives or additives.

210 grams - 42 serves. PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA from Best of the Bone PTY.