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Eden Health Foods -Green Clay 150g

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Italian Green Clay Powder

Product of the island of Sicily, Italy

Eden Healthfoods 100% pure Activated Italian Green Clay is activated by the sun and is a premium product (certified for internal use). Due to its superior ability to bind to toxic agents and chemicals and remove them from the body, we use this in our Intestinal Detox Formula #2, to create an effective bowel detox. This clay has been proven to be more effective than Bentonite Clay. 

When clay is exposed to the sun for a certain amount of time it fills with solar energy. The clay gives this energy back to the tissues.

Clay is one of the most ancient raw materials that man has ever used. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans understood the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of clay.

The ancients used clay to cure trauma, a dislocation, or in order to help broken limbs calcify more quickly. During the IV and V century B.C. Hippocrates cured many different sorts of ailments with clay. In 1920, the famous abbot Kneipp proposed clay as a great and powerful natural medicine. He said: “Clay recovers the inflammations, it attracts to itself the sick and ill subject”.

It will also change into the minerals and nutrition your body needs according to the need even if when tested, the clay is not high in the minerals it changed into! This is attested by a tribe of Indians who live along the Orinoco River in South America and subsist ENTIRELY on baked balls of clay for 2 months when fishing is impossible due to high waters EVERY YEAR!


“Clay stimulates the non-efficient organs, it acts on and regulates the endocrine glands, developing an exciting action or moderator, according to the necessity… it is also a powerful parasiticide, as we can easily verify by the examination of the feces”  Jean Valnet

In nature, many clay types exist: the difference between one and the other sometimes is evident based on the difference of colour. Among red clays (trivalent iron) and green clays (ambivalent iron), the green is the most active. Green clay is more active than red clay because it is not saturated, thanks to the ambivalent iron, while the red is saturated because of the trivalent iron.

Green clay is even better than bentonite clay as it comes from deeper within the earth, therefore, yielding less ash and a greater mineral content (and drawing capacity).

Our Green Clay is a great skin purifier (used as a mask), internal cleanser and nourisher.