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Good Change Store Eco Scrub 2pk


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Did you know that most scourer sponges are made from synthetic plastic-based materials? Replace yours now with the Eco Friendly Kitchen Sponge from Good Change Store!

Our 2-pack of Eco Sponges are made from loofah plants and cellulose (wood pulp) and contain no nasty glues.

The hand-stitched loofah scrubber is non-abrasive and is suited to your kitchen, bathroom or as a body scrub for your shower (so we've been told!)

Use it for your dishes, cleaning and gentle scrubbing. Simply rinse the soft natural sponge under the tap and it's good to go again.

What our customers love about the Eco Friendly Kitchen Sponge:

  • Natural alternative to traditional synthetic scourer sponge
  • Cellulose sponge (wood pulp)
  • Scrubber made from loofah plants
  • Less abrasive on your good pots and does a great cleaning job around the house
  • No toxic glues - the loofah is hand-stitched on to the sponge
  • Breaks down in nature
  • Multi-purpose natural sponge