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Melbourne Cocoa Hot Cross Bun Hot Chocolate

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Indulge in the exquisite allure of Melbourne Cocoa's Hot Cross Bun Hot Chocolate, a true masterpiece that marries the rich warmth of a classic hot cross bun with the decadence of premium chocolate.

Immerse yourself in a velvety elixir crafted from their signature 48% chocolate powder, meticulously infused with a symphony of traditional hot cross bun spices. As each sip graces your palate, notes of cinnamon and ginger gently intertwine, creating a harmonious dance of flavors that evoke memories of cozy gatherings and festive moments.

Melbourne Cocoa's Hot Cross Bun Hot Chocolate is more than a beverage; it's a nostalgic journey, an homage to comfort, and an invitation to savor the familiar spices that define the essence of this beloved treat.