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Miyabi Toishi Pro 1000 Grit Ceramic Water Sharpening Stone 62492

by Miyabi
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The Miyabi Toishi Pro 1000 Grit Ceramic Water Sharpening Stone 62492 is a ceramic water stone for sharpening (kitchen) knives. This sharpening stone is made in Japan. It is relatively thick, hard, and will last for years. The medium grit 1000 sharpening stone is made for sharpening knives that are already in decent condition.

About Miyabi Toishi Pro sharpening stones

The Miyabi Toishi Pro sharpening stones are based on the well-known Naniwa Chosera sharpening stones. These sharpening stones are extremely popular and renowned worldwide for their sharpening properties. Just like the Choseras, these Toishi Pro sharpening stones have excellent sharpening power and remove material quickly. In principle, they have been made for the maintenance of hard, durable Honbazuke-sharpened Miyabi kitchen knives, but they can certainly also be used for other knives (except ceramic kitchen knives).

Using the Miyabi Toishi Pro sharpening stones

Miyabi itself specifies that you need to immerse the stone in water for about five minutes before use. But we prefer to "splash & go": just sprinkle water on the surface or briefly wet it and you can get started right away. For the best results, keep the stone good and wet during sharpening. While sharpening, a "slurry" is formed. This helps with the sharpening, so do not remove it. Have you finished sharpening? Then quickly rinse the sharpening stone, remove the slurry and allow the stone to dry completely. Store the stone in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Definitely do not keep the stones in water for a long period of time.


  • Grain roughness of 1000-grit – hardly wears blades down at all

  • Extremely low wear

  • Ultra-fast grinding effect

  • Suitable for all types of knives and material (except for ceramics)

  • 21 x 7 x 2.5cm