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Organic Times Carob Powder 500g

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Enjoy organic Carob Powder in your recipes, because it offers an earthy, naturally sweet, and aromatic caramel flavour. Therefore, it is excellent for baking, cooking, smoothies, and no-bake recipes.

Use Carob Powder as a thickener, as well as a 1:1 substitute for cocoa. It is a natural wholefood ingredient, that is nutritious and offers many health benefits. Gluten free, Caffeine and theobromine free, and more…

* certified organic
* gluten free
* free from GMO’s
* palm-oil free
* no-dairy
* vegan friendly
* vegetarian

Organic Times Carob Powder is from trees that are a minimum of 50 years old. A carob tree starts to bear fruits only at an age of 10 years. At the age of 30 years the tree is in a “full bloom”. A carob tree can reach an age of two hundred years. The powder is made from the sheet ropes of a Sicilian tree called ceratonia silique. After the harvest they are dried, chopped, gently toasted at a temperature of about 60 degrees and pulverized.