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Original Colloidal Four 200ml

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The Original Colloidal Four is a combination of four precious metals - Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Copper - in a unique blend.

When used daily, it has the potential to support the body's natural defense system and promote renewed vitality and longevity. The Original Colloidal Four is created through an electro-magnetic process that draws microscopic particles of the metals into a liquid. These particles are suspended in distilled rainwater using a hi-tech electrolysis method, making them easily absorbed by the body.

The Swiss 'Grander Living Waters' method is used as a carrier for the particles, which are between .001-.005 microns in size, allowing them to penetrate and travel throughout the body with ease. The combination of the four precious metals and the advanced technology used in its creation makes The Original Colloidal Four a powerful tool for promoting overall health and wellness.


Natural Silver, Gold, Platinum and Copper Mineral Supplement Suspended in Distilled Mountain Rainwater.