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Flash Sale~Enjoy 50% Off Ethique's Sustainable, Effective Products Today! 🧼
Flash Sale~Enjoy 50% Off Ethique's Sustainable, Effective Products Today! 🧼

The Australian Natural Soap Company Solid Shampoo Bar for Dry Hair 100g

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Using our Solid Shampoo Bar for Dry Hair is the first step down the road to a waste-free, plastic-free lifestyle. It couldn’t be easier!

Dealing with dry, damaged, or breaking hair is frustrating. If this is something you struggle with, try our Solid Shampoo Bar for Dry Hair. It has no parabens, sulphates, plastic, or other harmful ingredients that might damage your hair OR the environment.

In addition, using our products means never worrying about how much waste you produce.

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Saponified Sweet Almond Oil, Saponified Macadamia Oil, Saponified Argan Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, Clary Sage Oil.

Solid Shampoo Bar for Dry Hair 

Finding a functional, truly natural shampoo in an industry saturated with poor-quality, wasteful and chemical-filled products can be tricky. That’s why, here at The Australian Natural Soap Company, we have formulated a shampoo bar which ticks all the boxes.

Our Solid Shampoo Bar for Dry Hair is designed for those whose hair often feels dry, brittle and lifeless. In this bar, we use a blend of plant and essential oils to tend to your dry hair concerns. Pure macadamia oil, which nourishes and moisturises brittle hair, also helps to add shine and strength to seriously dehydrated strands. Argan oil tames unwanted frizz and treats those pesky split ends. Lavender, clary sage, and peppermint oil add a beautiful and energising scent. So, you can rest assured knowing we use purely natural, Australian ingredients – and we use those products because they work.

Making the move to Solid Shampoo Bars not only means you’re getting more concentrated shampoo (true fact: liquid soaps are almost always highly watered down), it also means that you’re also saving waste by replacing a product that would traditionally come in a plastic bottle

We are certified cruelty free and we do not use palm oil or animal products, making every one of our products vegan friendly! We are also Melbourne made. Shop ethical, local and shop smart today.