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Espresso Paleo Granola Affogato

Espresso Paleo Granola Affogato

We love the versatility of our Espresso Paleo Granola. Not only is it a great way to kickstart your day, it is the perfect dessert addition to wow a crowd. Try our Espresso Paleo Granola Affogato and let us know if you make it!

15 minutes




1 cup of mixed berries
2 large scoops of vanilla ice-cream
2 shots of espresso coffee
1/3 cup Espresso Paleo Granola
Optional: splash of liqueur of choice, we are partial to Cape Byron Distillery Mac Liqueur


Divide mixed berries into two serving glasses
Add a scoop of ice-cream
Pour over a shot of espresso over each ice-cream scoop
Optional: Pour over a small splash of liqueur of choice
Sprinkle our Espresso Paleo Granola over the top

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